The Arnold Cemetery is located approximately 1/4 mile south of Arnold, Nebraska, on Hwy 40.


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  • The Arnold Cemetery dates back to 1884.
  • Some trees in the cemetery are believed to be 140 years old.
  • The largest monument in Arnold, and likely all of Custer County, is the Finch monument, which weighs 26 tons and fell through the bridge when being delivered.
About Arnold Cemetery

About the Arnold Cemetery Website

Thank you for your interest in the Arnold Cemetery. While our website is live, it is brand new and we are still gathering information about the cemetery and the people buried there. Please be sure to check back often for updated information! In addition, we do have plans to add the small country cemeteries in the Arnold area in the future as well. If you would like to volunteer to be a part of this project, please contact us. From photography of headstones to gathering information about the deceased to making wreaths to help fund the site, help is most appreciated.

More Than Just A Name

This website is unique to most other cemetery websites because of its extensive directory. There are well over 2,500 people buried in the Arnold Cemetery, and we have dedicated a page on our website to each person. And as each person was special in their own way, so is their page. When families submit personal information for their loved ones (such as photos, obituaries, military service, letters, stories, etc.), the individuality of each person will shine. We are still in the beginning phase of this part of the website—at this point in time we are adding a page for everyone, verifying their information, and adding a photo of their headstone. Then the personalization will begin! So please, share your memories with us and send anything you can think of to personalize your loved one’s page. A small donation is suggested to personalize a page, but is not required. The most important thing is to send the information! Donations are tax-deductible and will go toward monthly website expenses.

Digital photos, scanned documents, or typed stories may be submitted directly on our website. Be sure to let us know which page(s) they should be placed on. If you need assistance scanning photos or documents for use on the website, they may be sent to us and we will return them when completed.

Plot Information

  • The cost of one plot is $125.
  • If you are not a member of the Arnold Township, there are two additional fees associated with the purchase of a plot:
    • A one-time $20 nonresident fee.
    • A one-time $25 perpetual care nonresident fee (for maintenance).
  • To inquire about purchasing a plot, contact Tiff Varney at (308) 848-2246.

Service Providers

Local Funeral Home:

Area Monument Company:


  • Arnold Township Board

Flowers/Grave Decorations

  • No free planting (such as for shrubs and bushes or annuals); please consult Arnold Township board with your request.
  • Flowers and grave decorations must be removed ten days after Memorial Day or they may be discarded.
  • Flowers and grave decorations should be on the headstone or tomb and not on the ground except for Memorial Day.

Arnold Township Board

  • Current board members are:
    • Tony Eggleston
    • Dan Blowers
    • Roger Bierman
  • The Arnold Township is responsible for maintenance and upkeep of the cemetery.
  • Contact Pinnacle Bank in Arnold if you wish to make a tax-deductible donation to assist the Arnold Township with maintenance and upkeep of the cemetery. (Donations to the Arnold Township are not eligible for use for the Arnold Cemetery website.)